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20160224 162632Retails Shrinkage Management Solution

When suspicious transactions have been flagged by the CURA system they are automatically backed up to a removable drive located at the recording system every day. The data is then transmitted over our High Speed wireless network to our control Centre for our auditors to review. The qualified footage is then reviewed, reports are then complied and the video evidence with the report is returned to the client.


The motivations for utilising our offsite video audit centres are quite simple yet the results are significant.


  1. Trained experts reviewing your footage – All staff have undergone extensive visual skills as well as observational training with a wealth of experience.
  2. Video Audit centre is under constant professional management.
  3. Professional Deliverables – Reports with clear evidence are compiled to the highest standards ready for presentation to senior management and disciplinary action.
  4. Collusion eradicated – With the footage being collected by a courier company and shipped to the audit centre there is zero opportunity for collusion to take place. Footage is randomly distributed amongst our operators and therefore no single operator can be associated with any particular site. Client’s staff onsite have no knowledge as to where in the country the footage is being reviewed.
  5. Return on Investment – The only way to ensure a return on the investment made in the technology is to have the system actively utilised and by taking action on incident detected.

We encourage all our clients to follow up the implementation of the technology with a Video Auditing contract and thus ensuring that the maximum benefit and success is achieved with the system rather than underutilised equipment sitting onsite. Mobile Corporate Surveillance strives on building long term relationships with our clients and with our Video Auditing service it ensures that we are actively involved in your business and the ever present challenge of shrinkage management.

CCTV Solution


  1. Low light colopic04ur :- provides colour imagines in very low light applications
  2. Wide dynamic range :- intelligent camera that compensates for high light contrasts in an imagine
  3. Infrared :- in areas with no light the infrared illumination makes it possible to monitor the movements in the area.
  4. Thermal imaging :- high specialised camera using military technologies that detect the heat omitted from a human being over 1 km away.
  5. PTZ/Dome :- Pan, tilt and zoom cameras, these cameras can scan large areas and be used to investigate incidents in high detail.
  6. MegaPixel IP :- In applications that require high definition images.
Depending on the application and site specification we can make use of either traditional analogue systems or the latest in IP based systems. A third option of a hybrid solution is also available by combining both IP and analogue mediums to provide the optimal solution.


  1. Analogue coaxial cabling
  2. UTP/STP cabling, such as CAT5 and CAT6 network
  3. Fibre optics
A number of factors influence what cabling needs to be used which includes distance, camera technology used, camera distribution and site layout. Wireless technologies are also available and often very cost effective. With the advances in the camera technologies wireless communications are being utilised a lot more.

Types of wireless technologies used.

  1. Radio links (2.4GHz and 5.6GHz)
  2. Wifi
  3. GSM networks (cellular networks technology) 

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